The First 10

Team Building & Emergency Response Training In the Healthcare Setting

The First 10 Training program applies the Stress by Design and Ready by Design concepts into a practical and real-life application for healthcare providers.

The first ten minutes of an emergency has the most significant impact on a patient's quality of life, recovery time, and chance of survival. The First 10 training program provides a team building event that prepares participants to respond effectively as a team to emergency patients in the ambulatory surgery, clinic, or medical office setting.

The team building event will focus on:

  • Quick assessment of patients and rapid identification of early deterioration.
  • Recognize and treat the most common emergencies and what to do about them.
  • Develop an effective and repeatable team response.
  • Tools to practice, develop, and build on skills learned in training.
  • Customized to your unique environment and resources.
  • Leadership and team development under high-stress events.
  • Create alternative solutions so you and your team can adapt efficiently and predictably.

FORMAT: Workshop / 3-4 hrs or Program / 6 x 1 hr sessions

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Provide emergency intervention for life-threatening injuries/illnesses.

Build a culture of safety, risk awarness, and personal ownership.

Learn to lead and work as a team better during high-stress events.




Designed for teams in the healthcare setting such as ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, medical office, or immediate care facility without a dedicated emergency response team or critical care resources. In addition to becoming better prepared to identify and respond to life-threatening emergencies, participants will gain stress mitigation techniques, plan development resources, and leadership/teamwork skills.





Workshops combine keynote introduction to Ready by Design concepts followed with hands-on application and instruction. Participants gain experience applying concepts and skills while receiving feedback from our consultants.