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Format: Workshop 2.5-3 hrs

The Immediate Responder training program provides a team building event that prepares participants to respond individually and as a group to prepare, prevent, and intervene in a wide range of emergencies and critical situations. The program applies the Stress by Design and Ready by Design concepts into a practical and real-life application.



Format: Consulting

Ready by Design provides participants a framework for predicting, preparing for, and responding to high-stress events. The Ready by Design system is applied to emergency planning, product launches, crisis response, or any critical incident in which stress is high, moments count and failure is not an option.



Format: Keynote

During the Stress by Design workshop, participants will gain insight into the body's reaction to stress, how it can empower us in the 21st century and how to optimize our ability to lead others, make decisions, and act when stress is high, moments count, and the cost of failure is unacceptable.